The Guerrilla Self-Protection solution is focused on self-protection first and foremost and social justice secondly. Unlike many of the social justice programs that focus on rescue, we recognize that prevention is a far more beneficial method.

And prevention starts with the individual, and the everyday decisions you make can have an impact that is lasting for yourself and those around you. Simple things like not supporting sweatshop labor, undocumented workers, and even pornography can cut into the profits of these industries.

To honor the work that the Guerrilla Self-Protection Army is doing are you willing to become a collaborator and take the oath?

(If you’ve already become a subscriber than you are beyond this. By doing so, you are saying that you want to be part of the movement and you are willing to be contacted with news and offers for Guerrilla Self-Protection only. Your information will never be given away or sold.)

The Oath:

  1. I agree to use the knowledge and skills I learn to serve myself, my family, my neighbors, and my community—in that order.
  2. I will not bully, intimidate, or abuse others, nor do I condone the abuse or enslavement of any life for any purpose.
  3. I will not be a victim. I take responsibility for my safety and security, as well as those close to me, whenever and wherever possible.
  4. I will not support any product or industry that feeds on human misery. (Sweat shop labor, forced and underage prostitution, as examples.)
  5. I will support legislation that furthers these human rights agendas and I will fight legislation that does not.
  6. If I see any of these things occurring to others I will take steps to intervene or call those who can.
  7. My subscription is my agreement.