When you complete the Disruptor Course you will have the core empty hand tools of the Guerrilla Self-Protection system and will be recognized as a true "Disruptor" in the fight against personal Injustice and have a fundamental understanding of self-protection.

You will have explored and trained with the chaos of personal conflict and will have real tools to resist against physical abuse, abduction, bullying, and other forms of violence.

In the 10 unit course we will only explore the most critical physical components but the book "A Guerrilla Guide to Self-Defense" will help you to continue your learning on the necessary mental and emotional skills of self-protection. In addition, there is a learning guide specifically designed for the Disruptor Course to provide additional guidance, learning, and training ideas.

If you are interested in taking the Disruptor study course sign up using the pop-up form on this page, or contact Coach Stark directly.