The Boxer study course is the next step in the continuation of the self-protection course series. When push comes to shove—literally, sometimes having a higher level of raw skill is what separates you from the prey in the street. Walking with the skills of this course ingrained in your movements will separate you in your self-protection practice.

The Boxer study course is considered a "dirty boxing" course or "street boxing" because it has been created with the intent of using elbows, hammer fists, and all of the fundamental core materials of GSP (refined further), with the addition of bastardized boxing strikes and additional footwork. It is intended for self-protection—not sport, so we have greater freedom to be raw, ruthless, and do whatever it takes to get home at night to our family and friends.

Using the principle of stacked learning, you must have completed the core Disruptor study course to really have a foundation to build and grow on. Take a look at the video below to get a better idea of what to expect and then click the link to get in on this course.

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