A Guerrilla Self-Protection Army is growing as you read this.... I'm sorry if you're not a part of it yet—change that narrative. It's your choice!

What is the Guerrilla Self-Protection Army? It's an army of individuals who want to put a stop to violence, particularly sexual assault, abuse, and predation, in their communities by stopping it in their own lives first.

It is an army of Guerrillas who have joined the ranks by taking an oath to help themselves, their families, and their neighborhoods find freedom. They've also taken the steps to get the necessary training to do it. It is an army driven by everyday people just like you who refuse to be bound by fear, inability, and oppression by anyone—for anyone.

These Guerrillas have taken ownership of their life and are gifting others with that same ownership! They are bad ass individuals that are spreading the gift of prevention, survival, and restoration. They may have been victims but they are victims no more! These Guerrillas are changing the narrative of their life and the lives of those they are able to reach by choosing to act.

The Guerrilla Self-Protection Army is spreading and it needs people like you to step up!

Will you take the first step to freedom and join the Guerrilla's by taking the Oath?

Here is a list of collaborators, Guerrilla's, and Cell Leaders:


  • Darren Friesen—Costa Rica
  • Joåo Nascimento—Portugal


  • Randy King—Edmonton
  • Cameron Kittrell—Florida
  • Ken Knight—Wyoming
  • Mike Jolly—Arizona
  • Igor Zilberman—New York
  • Markus Kress—Germany

Cell Leaders

  • Abhijit Banerjee—Toronto
  • David R. Giles—Florida
  • Mike Gaudio—Florida
  • Aaron Chappel—Florida
  • Marcy Sumner Grady—Georgia
  • Bill Dwyer—Florida