This quick course was designed to help you with the skills of prevention, recognition, and intervention!

It includes learning the signs of grooming, predatory behavior, recognition of a trafficked child, intervention, and ways to prevent your children, grand children, or yourself from becoming a victim to violent and predatory behavior.

This is intended to help anyone develop the awareness and recognition skills so necessary for prevention. It's a great addition to one of the other hands-on courses but can easily stand alone.

As with anything, if you spend 30 minutes on a skill you'll get 30 minutes of value. However, spend 30 hours on these and you'll have some good tools you can use to help others and protect yourself. Learn it. Share it.

For those interested in more learning there is the A Guerrilla Guide to Self-Defense: A Workbook for Getting Home and the Core Personal Protection Course for continued learning and development.

The following links will take you to the education site Guerrilla Self-Protection Institute.