The Trainer study course is primarily concerned with developing the mechanics, movements, and overall “machinery” of the body and mind for the self-protection courses.

It’s a well known fact that having the knowledge of physical self-protection will not do you much good if you can’t move well in your own body. If you’re klutzy, uncoordinated, have poor proprioception, or are overweight and out of shape. Even the simplest of self-protection skills are only enhanced by an increase in specific physical and psychological attributes. Why wouldn’t you use everything possible to aid in your journey?

The Trainer study course will teach you fitness methods that will tell your body how to move with more efficiency, power, confidence, balance, strength, stamina, and awareness. By building a strong body culture and improving your overall health and wellness you will be continuing to develop the skills of self-protection simultaneously.

The best of the best.


There’s no better method of development than “stacking” which is a principle of finding “activities” that build and maintain what’s been built through activities, movements, and practices that overlap. The more overlap, the more directly applicable, the more value the stack.

The material you’ll find in the Trainer study course will show you fitness methods that you can use during your daily workout regimen that will increase your core strength, familiarity of movement, comfort, power, balance, stamina, and body awareness while you practice the same or similar movements you need for personal protection.

The exercises are demonstrated and explained in detail along with the self-protection method that the exercise benefits.


No good exercise training program would be worth it’s weight without deep explanations of what the process is and how to accomplish the necessary training. Multiple programs will be supplied, as well as an encyclopedia of exercises to draw from to create your own programs, some general guidelines for nutrition and recovery as well.

This is a quick study course that does away with long process learning so that you can take a guerrilla approach and get to what is needed.