The Guerrilla Self-Protection Solution was founded on some core beliefs. The following is a list of them:

  1. Everyone deserves to feel safe and have access to the necessary training needed to defend against violence, hatred, and abuse—regardless of their financial capabilities.
  2. We believe that self-defense does not need to be difficult to learn and should be easy to maintain with a minimum of effort.
  3. We believe that it is our duty to make every effort to protect those who need to be protected when necessary, and make our skills available to individuals to protect themselves when and where possible.
  4. We believe that with the right group of passionate supporters, collaborators, leaders, coaches, and revolutionaries that we can turn the tide on social injustices.
  5. And if WE DON’T lead the revolution—nothing will stop the injustices from growing and spreading.
  6. Quality Self-protection training and preparation gives the individual the necessary life skills of prevention, survival, and restoration.
  7. We believe in only teaching self-protection skills that we would teach to our own families.


“As a father of three girls there is no way I will teach you something that won’t work for them.”
Sean, Cell Leader & Co-Founder