The Guerrilla Self-Protection Solution (formerly Guerrilla Silat) started as a collaboration effort by myself, Sean Stark, and Benjamin Myers to give “Street Kids” a fighting chance of effectively avoiding and resisting human trafficking and to aid in their recovery.

Guerrilla Self-Protection was designed with two things in mind: to give the necessary tools to prevent and defend yourself against threats—particularly when weaker and smaller, and secondly to support those who have already suffered abuse, neglect, and trauma. To Restore and Prevent.

Originally developed for the“Street Kids” of South America, this system of self-protection (self-defense) has been designed to help anyone who needs the skills of self-protection for themselves, or a program that they can teach others, and to raise awareness and funding for the young men and women who are in need of help and restoration.

This includes those being impacted by abuse, bullying, racism, discrimination, and predation. With so many children and women at statistical risk, we want to do everything we can to help them in any way possible.

Our vision is for Guerrilla Self-Protection to be found on all 7 continents raising awareness, educating in prevention, and supporting the recovery of victims to social injustice within the next 2 years.

We recognize that we cannot do this on our own. Instead, the bigger vision is collaboration and partnership with like minded contributors like yourself, to provide a developing, growing, network of resources for individuals, organizations, and teachers who want to help people.

Get on the team with us and start your own Guerrilla Cell.