Guerrilla Self-Protection is for anyone who wants to learn an efficient system of self-protection that does away with years of prolonged study and boils it down to the essential elements.

Participating in Guerrilla Self-Protection will give the individual the opportunity to aid in the fight against human trafficking, bullying, and other forms of abuse against children and adults. We’ll also provide basic resources and steps you can take to help them, steps you can take for prevention that will benefit yourself, loved ones, and others in your community.

Guerrilla Self-Protection is ideal for school owners and gym owners and others active in their communities who are looking for a marketable program that reaches out to the community while simultaneously benefiting others who have been victimized by predators and those nearest and dearest to us.

Additionally, Guerrilla Self-Protection is a global community of people who support each other as we support those who have been victimized.