The Guerrilla Self-Protection Solution Overview

Guerrilla Self-Protection is a series of quick study courses in the areas of preparation, prevention, survival, and restoration, that were built out of a desire and a need to help “Street Kids” in South America by Benjamin Myers and myself, Sean Stark. Read more on the project here.

Since it’s inception the Guerrilla Self-Protection project has been Humanitarian focused with a purpose to build Guerrilla cells in every community to fight against abuse, rape, trafficking, bullying and the particular social issues you desire to help with in your community. For myself and Ben, it’s sex-slavery. We find it repugnant.

The purpose in building Guerrilla Self-Protection project was to build a training program for rescued trafficking victims (“Street Kids”) in South America, with the intent of spreading it as far and wide as possible.

There are a lot of ways you could get involved in your communities, but our way is by helping in recovery and prevention by focusing our skills and abilities in the area of self-protection.


The Guerrilla Self Protection solution is not limited—you might teach and make donations to a local organization, offer free community courses, or keep it close to home and teach your nieces, nephews, children, and neighbors. The small steps can have a huge impact for generations!

Be a consistent and persistent voice in your community. Those are things that any of us can do, but only you have taken the interest. You are cordially invited to take part in gaining the skills and knowledge to make a real and lasting impact.

Now join with Ben and I to create Guerrilla cells in your community and be social justice warriors! It’s possible to make a difference. It starts with the smallest of steps.

Benjamin Myers

Benjamin Myers,
Vice President of Operations for The Guerrilla Self-Protection Project, Ecuador

With experience and training in the military and martial arts and now as a strength and conditioning coach, Ben has pursued the development of an anti-human trafficking program for over a year to formulate something that would benefit the victims of sex trafficking in Ecuador and work to help prevent this atrocity.

Ben’s experiences include:

  • Retired Corpsman with 20 years active service.
  • Former CDT Instructor under Tom Patire.
  • Former Crazy Monkey Defense Instructor.
  • JKD Basic Instructor under Lamar Davis.
  • And completed Geoff Thompson’s 100,000 punch—2 times.
  • A decade focusing on Western Boxing excavating the “Peek-a-boo” style.
  • Auxiliary security after 9/11 on Yorktown Naval Weapons Station for a year.


Sean Stark

Sean Stark,
President of The Guerrilla Self Protection Project

With nearly 30 years of martial arts training, fitness and nutrition certifications, and a passion for the pursuit of pencak silat for well over two decades, Guru Stark has been involved in helping empower and protect children through B.A.C.A.® and now through the development of The Guerrilla Silat Project.

Sean’s accomplishments:
  • Military Police Officer—Augsburg Germany
  • Rode with Bikers Against Child Abuse (5+ years)
  • Founder of Pencak Silat Pertempuran (22+ years)
  • Instructor of Hok Kuen (12 years)
  • Instructor of Gold Lion Kung Fu (10+ years)
  • Pelatih of Pencak Silat Raja Sterlak (7 years)
  • Pelatih of Pencak Silat Pamur (4 years)
  • Trainer of Pencak Silat Jati Wisesa (4+ years)
  • Trainer of Pencak Silat Raja Monyet (4+ years)
  • Trainer of Arnis/Kali (26+ years)
  • Certified in Sports Nutrition (2 years)
  • Certified in Fitness Instructor (1 year)
  • Certified Nutrition Coach (1 year)

Both Ben and Sean have a desire to help those who have little protection and even smaller voices by teaching awareness, prevention, and empowering people with efficient and direct methods that are easily learned and easily transmitted.