Two guys are sitting in a biker bar, drinking, Bob and Dave. Bob is 6 foot 6 inches, weighing in at 200 pounds pounds, most of it muscle. He is a kickboxer. Dave is five foot even. He is a hundred pounds soaking wet. Somehow he managed to sneak a beer belly into the hundred pounds. He has not thrown a punch in anger in his life. If they start fighting who would win?
Now before you make your decision, let me give you a little additional information.
Dave is a mechanic. He works on the Biker association’s bikes and he is very good at his job. 20 members of this particular association are currently filling up the bar. He is also a genuinely nice person. When some of association’s members are a little low on cash he has been known to either wait for payment or waive it entirely. The entire association see’s him as an honorary little brother.
So before Bob throws that first punch, I have just one request. Can I have a minute to grab some popcorn? It will be rather interesting to see how Bob looks at the bottom of that pile.
If you think the above scenario is contrived, you are right. But there is a point to be made here. Alliances.
Yes there is a component of violence which happens one on one, when you are alone. Mugging, road rage, assault by a mentally disturbed individuals can happen when you are alone. However a lot of it can happen with people around. People who can help you. And a lot of it can be prevented by having people around. The question is why should they be there for you and take risks for you?
The answer is, because you will be there for them. Be nice and helpful to the people you want to be helpful to you. Build up a credit you can draw on, and be ready to go beyond that if the need arises. If you want allies, BE AN ALLY!!! Do this for your neighbors, your coworkers, your family and your friends. Be there. Be someone they value. When you need help, they will remember they value you.
And yes be prepared for some of this to go to waste. Some people are takers. Don’t take it personally. No big deal, just remember who they are and don’t count on them or deal with them more than you can help it. But be prepared to find some true gems of humanity this way. This is how you will find true brothers in arms.

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