Shit happens. Your need to be able to protect yourself, your loved ones, and friends will likely always exist. As long as there is other living beings share this planet with you, there will be a need for some type of protective measures—whether against animal or human—or both.

And if I can be blunt about it—it’s nobody’s responsibility but yours! There. I said it.

You need to be the guerrilla soldier of your household, your family, friends, and neighborhood. Nobody else can do it for you. Hell, it’s a sad fact that today they are more likely to pull out their cellphones and watch as you are stabbed to death-and never lift a finger to help you.

Criminals will always exist. War will continue to happen. Utopia is still nowhere on the horizon. But this page isn’t about being paranoid. To be fair, the world is a great place for most of us—most of the time.

But if you’ve been around awhile, then like me, you’ve had that feeling of inferiority and fear. That moment where you sweat almost instantly, your heart rate increases, your breathe gets shallow, and your vision and hearing diminish.

You search for a way to understand what is happening. Even replaying the last decision you made, wondering if you have stepped into the wrong doorway, forgot the alarm, turned the wrong corner, or walked near the wrong people. Maybe it was that moment where you’ve felt like you were being watched or followed. You do what you can to check around, even double checking but you can’t shake that something is off.

Most likely it is—whether or not you can identify it.

I’ve had those moments in different ways and in different places. Sometimes in my home. Sometimes while traveling. All have been different. As simple as theft and robbery. A group acting to intimidate. A “tension” with a group leaving me flanked, and with no ability to communicate. Finding myself uncomfortably close to a woman with a large kitchen knife who had just attacked her husband. And even stranger things, like facing militant soldiers with automatic weapons. Frankly, there’s been more…

In reality, we only passingly think these things will happen to us. It’s not the stuff of movies or someone else. I’m an average guy and this is only a portion of what has happened to me.

And I’m here to tell you that it can happen to you. It probably has already. It might happen again. Guerrilla Self-Protection is putting in the work to know you are ready when it comes. It is not about paranoia. It’s about recognition and preparation—survival.

Guerrilla Self-Protection offers time efficient study courses (10 hour intensives) that will start you on a path for the skills and attributes you need when your number is up. You are the only person responsible for yourself. Own it. That is the first step.

Let’s be clear, this is not a dressed-down version of a martial arts class. The Cell Leaders will do whatever they can to ensure that you have the necessary skills for survival and the methods for training them. It’s that simple—and ALL of the evidence that exists—shows that having taken an adequate self-defense or self-protection course you are significantly more likely to survive a dangerous encounter.


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