Guerrilla Self Protection is focused on helping people, particularly those with need, to live safer everyday. My personal mission is to help children, young women, and anyone else who is at risk of confronting violent crime of any kind, but sexual violence in particular. And no, that’s not just girls and young women but boys and young men as well.

The focus of this is different than a martial arts school. My goal is to bring a holistic approach but to focus on only what keeps people safe first—then healthy—then happy. I have vowed to myself that I will never teach something that I would not teach my own children even knowing that they may have to use it that very day!

I have no interest in making movies, or of being a super hero. Instead, it’s my passion to teach people how to become their own true super hero—to be someone they are confident enough in to look in the mirror and know they’ve done everything they can.

And that would be enough right there… but my purpose is to teach you how to teach others to do the same thing. That is truly Guerrilla. Empowering people to be active in their own communities and share what they’ve learned so that all those who need it can live with less fear.

2 Thoughts to “Guerrilla Self-Protection Explained”

  1. mrcgrady

    And thank you for offering the gift of your knowledge. Already my family – including my parents, brother and our children – have and will continue to benefit. Looking forward to being able to bring it to my community – my friends, co-workers and those in need and at risk.

    1. Silatjunkie

      Thanks for the encouragement and I look forward to seeing you continue to bring good into your community!

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