It can be intimidating to get involved in physical activities that have a violent and even athletic component to them. Most everyone who participates has that same feeling the first time they attend a course or class. Everyone is there for the same general purpose though and all will be challenged to grow. There is discomfort in that but there is also triumph. Watch the video and give me some feedback!

Are you intimidated?

A lot of people, particularly women—but men too, want to learn self-defense, combatives, or martial arts but they find the whole idea over-whelming and intimidating. A bunch of people wearing the same uniforms, people screaming, and jumping through the air to break boards, etc. But the reality can be quite different. Find a school you're challenged at but that fits your style and is directed towards your needs. Every school is different.

Posted by Guerrilla Silat on Sunday, September 23, 2018

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