The Guerrilla Self-Protection Solution is focused on providing easy to assimilate courses that are perfect for individuals just wanting to learn to protect themselves and for school owners with some background in martial arts, combatives, or self-protection instruction. Each course can be scaled to meet the audience where they are at.

Each 10 hour block of in person instruction will expose the “new guerrilla” and those interested in becoming a Cell Leader, with all of the necessary material (with some training time) within a 10 hour block of in person instruction.

How is that possible? To start, each of these 10 hour blocks is focused on core materials only, essentially exposure, strategy, and experience versus rote memorization or even perfection. They are meant to be personal, experiential, and explorative. In addition, once the initial Disruptor Core is learned, each additional course of study will stack onto that learning, deepening the understanding and offerings of each.

Each 10 hour block covers exactly the same material offered in the online study course, which is offered to anyone wanting to learn any Guerrilla Self-Protection Course. The primary difference is the degree of personalization and instruction that addresses each individuals own distinct preferences, and movements, as well as providing in-person instruction on how to instruct those same courses.

Custom programming for events is available, splitting the time between open and closed instruction time or across multiple courses of study. Contact Sean for more information on sponsoring an event.

(Becoming an actual Cell Leader requires a degree of proficiency in the material and other agreements concerning mission and vision.)